The Color of Darkness

Welcome to West Milford
West of Civilization

There’s Something About Eli

The road was long, winding, and poorly lit. Which road didn’t matter- they all ended in the same place. A state of mind, if you can call it that. A perception of something new, of something better than before. Then after a week you feel the same creeping discomfort, an itch beneath your skin. You get annoyed quickly, little things make you disgusted. You move on, the horizon promising something better…

…only this time, there’s nothing better. To get somewhere new enough would be too far, and besides, you’ve got a good thing going here. Job that doesn’t care when you come or go, pays you regularly, and only shaves your hours when you’ve been a dick. And Greg, even as just a random acquaintance, is a better friend than you’ve had in years.

Greg In Real Life

Have you met Greg? Probably wouldn’t remember even if you did. He doesn’t stand out all that much. He’s a bright guy, caring, somewhat funny, but has a streak of calm boredom that goes though him that makes you want to ignore him, leave him behind for better prospects.

At least, that’s what she must have thought. She left you like she promised she wouldn’t, left you to defend your thesis alone. You had nobody else, miles from home, living with a bounced rent cheque in your near future. If you hadn’t met Eli and his seemingly endless bottles of liquor you might have given up entirely, purchased a year of WoW in advance and let the shambles of your life crash down around you. Instead, you trudge on, pointless night after pointless night.


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